Krav Maga Europe is a group of Krav Maga Experts all around Europe and International.

We mix many arts. Imi Lichtenfeld started Krav Maga and improved it later when the Israel state was founded 1948. First official Federation around 1996.

Welcome to KME ! It is a pleasure to have you as a member. KME is a great and unique concept, all the situations you can imagine and even more are studied. Self Defense  – Close Combat – Police – Military Experts  are our jobs too.

– We use all and the Best of Martial arts and Mixed Self Defense techniques : For street fight – For real life – How to fight back. We do no competitions, we teach how to survive, how to fight in real urban modern situations. Welcome to discover it.

Leaders and Officials head of KME

President PJ TABET : dan 3 Kempo-Jutsu + Karate & Close Combat

World Technical Director & Responsible of International Relations Master B. Nordine : Kempo-Jutsu Dan 5  + Karate-Jutsu – Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instructor and Close Combat « Krav Maga in Hebrew » Expert.

Expert Military Commandant G. Athos : Karate Gojo Ryu – Kempo-Jutsu –  Krav Maga Expert 3 NTD Cyprus – Head of Military Police – Close Combat and Expert in many other martial arts and fighting system.

Expert Fabrizio Parodi : Ex. Foreign Legion – Marines Commando : Jiu Jitsu Black Belt – MMA Expert – Krav Maga – Close Combat – Expert in many other martial arts and fighting system is as well NTD Italy.

KME is « One of the Most Efficient Fighting Methods »

Welcome to you, what ever and where ever you come from.

Affiliated to FFKDA and officially recognized.

Will you try it ?

What ever the sport – Art – Self Defense you practice we will add to it! We like to share and improve. Make bridges between people and disciplines. We share together the best techniques, as well some IDF Instructors Experts we share during Seminars or Courses. Jiu Jitsu ( Royce Gracie Academy ) – Kick Boxing – Aïkido – Muay Thai – ( MMA ) – Close Combat ( now called Krav Maga ) etc… Yes thats KME an Open vision and mind on learning – Teaching – Improving there art of Self Defense.